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On this page, you can find information about healthcare in Denmark. This includes information about the Blue EU Health Insurance Card (EU citizens only), health insurance, acute medical assistance, choosing a doctor, dental care, emergencies, and healthcare for stays under 90 days.

Everyone residing in Denmark for more than three months, has the right to receive national health service treatment for free. This means that as soon as you are a registered resident here and have a CPR (civil registration) number, you have the same rights to medical assistance as Danish citizens. Until you have an active CPR number, it is important to have private healthcare insurance.

The yellow health insurance certificate (sygesikringsbevis) is the documentation that you are entitled to health insurance services in Denmark.

Before coming to Denmark we advise you to make sure that you are covered by private healthcare until you get registered in Denmark. EU citizens should bring their blue EU health insurance card (blue card). We also advise you to bring your medical and dental records.