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Ending your stay

When you leave Denmark, there are a number of practical matters you must pay attention to. We advise you to review the informaiton on this page as well as to visit the 'Practical matters before leaving' page on www.lifeindenmark.dk.

Life in Denmark's Practical Guide before Leaving

Lifeindenmark.dk is the English subsite to the common public portal in Denmark borger.dk, aiming to provide public information and self-service solutions. 

Lifeindenmark.dk is updated on an ongoing basis in connection with legislative changes, etc. and efforts are made to ensure that all texts are updated and correct. Lifeindenmark.dk is, however, of an informative nature and not a legal work of reference to rely on.

For information about ending your stay, please visit the 'Practical matters before leaving' guide on Lifeindenmark.dk

Below, we have summarized the main topics relevant for international citizens, who consider leaving Denmark.